History of Classic Cars and Trucks

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Classic Car History

Development of the Ford Thunderbird began in February of 1953, just one month after GM debuted their Corvette Dream Car at the Motorama in New York. Ford would use parts off existing models for their new car, as did Chevy. Ford would also copy the long-nose/short-tail and 102-inch wheelbase of the Jaguar XK120 as did Chevy. But similarities ended there - Ford's answer to the Corvette was not a bare-bones sports car, but rather a stylish and practical personal luxury car.

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In 1960, the total import car share of the U.S. market was just 7.58 percent. The air-cooled, rear-engine VW Beetle was most popular, with 159,995 sold. During the original Beetle's 65-year production run, more than 21 million were sold world-wide, becoming the fourth highest selling automobile of all time.

Volkswagen Beetle history

Designed for straight-line speed, muscle cars lacked sophisticated chassis, brakes, and suspension, but they were durable, affordable, and fast. Starting in the early sixties, both Ford and Dodge were building cars specifically to compete at the drag strip. Chrysler's 426 cubic-inch Hemi motor was first seen in 1964 and offered in street trim in 1966, including the original Dodge Charger.

muscle car history

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Designed to be a world-class performer while still retaining past heritage, the fourth-generation Corvette's body, frame, and suspension were all new, with spectacular results. Standing-start acceleration to 60-mph dropped to under seven seconds, top-speeds in excess of 140-mph were seen, and the new brake system stopped the car from 70-mph in 173 feet. After delays and much anticipation, C4 Corvette production began in January of 1983, and were sold as 1984 models.

Classic Car History

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