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Should I Restore An Old Car Myself? - Aside from having a love for classic cars, you must have patience, time, space and money. It can be costly, but the project can be done over a period of time to accommodate your budget.

classic car resources

Transporting your classic car doesn't have to be stressful as long as you know what you're doing. Here are seven tips for shipping your precious vehicle safely.

classic car resources

Classic Car Tires - One thing that you can't skimp on is tires. Here's an excellent article on best tires currently available for street-driven classic cars.

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MotorMouthRadio - If you like cars and like to laugh, dial in Chris, Ray, and Joe's automotive talk show, live Sundays from noon to one. Listen Livestream or download the shows and listen to them anytime! (WHPC 90.3 FM Garden City, Long Island)

Small Engine Projects - I don't know of any motorhead that doesn't love go karts and minibikes. This fun hobby site offers advice and ideas for your next small engine project.

Jeep Lovers Website - Comprehensive and fun guide to choosing, buying, owning and using Jeeps, old and new, off road and on. Recommended viewing for all Jeep Lovers!

Classic Jeep resources - Pictures, information, and advice to help you with your classic or custom motorcycle project.

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One of the most popular upgrades for your vehicle is window tint, but is it right for classic cars?

1982 Corvette with tinted rear window

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Product Reviews

Best Oil For Classic Cars

Best Welder For Automotive Restoration

Best HVLP Paint System For Automotive

best gas can for home garage

Gas Cans That Don't Leak

classic car resources

Best Outdoor Car Cover

Best Motorcycle Cover


Project Car Help

"Finish Your Project Car" ebook offers practical tips to help you get on track and stay on track with your project car. Topics include planning, ordering parts, overcoming obstacles, and staying motivated.

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Investing In Classic Cars - Speed, romance, beauty, and potentially a profit? No wonder classic car investing is more popular than ever! Are all those TV programs about finding and flipping old cars getting to you? Before you spend your money, read this article.

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If you are the owner of a classic car, sports car, or muscle car, you know how hard it can be locating a windshield or auto glass that is correct for your vintage model. When considering a new windshield or glass for a restoration or repair, SunTec Windshield Replacement Mesa AZ can locate the proper part and ensure correct fitment.


Car Guy Garage is a family-owned business that sells garage cabinets, storage, organization, lighting, flooring, and decor all around the world. Check 'em out - they've got some cool stuff!


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what to do if you have an accident with your classic car

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best tires for Porsche Carrera coupe

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Corvettes have paced the Indy 500 race a grand total of 16 times, which is more than any other model car. The first Corvette pace car was seen in 1978. Pace cars are displayed in full force at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

classic cars through history

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At the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee, visitors are introduced to an eclectic collection of vehicles, including micro cars, three-wheeled cars, amphibious vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles, military vehicles, competition cars, and cars that run by propeller.

classic cars through history

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It's all very nice wandering around show halls packed with perfectly-restored classic cars, but the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show gives equal time to project cars and daily drivers.

2018 Practical Classic Cars Show

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