What Classic Car Best Suits Your Lifestyle?

Car lovers all over the planet dream of one day owning a classic car. There's a certain prestige attached to classic cars that make them so desirable and appealing. If you're looking to purchase a classic car, you have to be certain that you pick the right one.

what classic car best suits your lifestyle

What Are The Factors You Should Consider Before Getting A Classic Car?

What car would capture the essence of your being? What car would go perfectly with your lifestyle? You see, classic cars are quite expensive, and there's a reason they're purchased by a minority of people. Unless you want your classic car to sit in your garage and gather dust, you have to select one that would be sustainable for you and blend perfectly with your lifestyle. Now, this means your unique automotive taste, hobbies, personality, priorities, etc. have to be collectively considered in order for you to determine what classic car is perfect for you.

To help you make this choice, this article has divided the most popular classic cars (you may view vehicles here for available options) into classes according to the two most common types of classic car buyers.

Mechanics/Restorers: They're the ones who love to take a car apart and put the pieces right back together. Mechanic types are more interested in what's inside the car than what it looks like. On the other hand, there are some who are just interested in restoring old cars, whether for personal pleasure or just for fun.

If you think you belong to this category, these are the best classic cars for you:

Ford Mustang (1964-1/2 to 1970): This a great choice not just because it's a great car, but also because the parts are very available. Restoring this car is challenging enough to provide a thrilling experience, but easy enough to not frustrate you.

Chevrolet Camaro (1967-1969): This is a very popular car--it was popular in its prime and still maintains a legendary status among restorers. It's a bit on the expensive side, but the value of this car more than makes up for any expense you might spend on it.

Dodge Challenger/Plymouth Cuda (1970-1974): The E-Body Plymouth Barracuda and Dodge Challenger are very similar in style. They're great additions to any garage and will provide a satisfying experience for those who love to take cars apart and restore them. The parts for these masterpieces are widely available.

Collectors: If you're not particularly into restoring cars, but are a fan of cars and know little details about them that normal people might find annoying to listen to, then it's likely that you're a collector. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a classic car for the sake of having one, especially if you're a gearhead.

1955 Chevy with small block V8

These are the best cars for you.

Dodge Charger (1968-1970): Many consider the 68-70 Charger to be the most aesthetically pleasing muscle car to ever grace the road. This car's top-level performance ability and appealing aesthetics make it a must have.

Tri-Five Chevy (1955-1956-1957): In its prime, everyone wanted to get their hands on the (shoebox) Chevy. It isn't as popular among collectors now, but those who know anything about cars know just how valuable this vehicle is. It’s the perfect car to add to any collection.

1966 Shelby 427 Cobra Super Snake: This car is remembered for it's awe-inspiring design and breathtaking power. Its powerful 7.0L V8 engine is the stuff of legends. Just knowing that this is in your garage will give you a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Classic Ford Mustang

Final Thoughts

This article has divided classic car buyers into two groups in order to help you determine what car suits your lifestyle. However, there's still a long list of cars that will be great options for your garage. Do your research with this article as a guide and purchase a car that you will be satisfied with. Have fun!