Window Tinting For Classic Cars

One of the most popular upgrades for your vehicle is window tint, but is it right for classic cars? Some old car diehards will argue against it, saying it just doesn't belong, but there's too many good reasons not to consider window tinting for classic cars.

1982 Corvette with tinted rear window

Reduce Interior Fading

You probably already have tinted windows on your daily driver if you live in a hot climate. Not only does it keep the interior cooler, it reduces glare from the sun and protects interior plastic from warping and cracking.

Window tinting will protect the carpet and seat upholstery. If your classic car still has original seats, this is a big consideration.

Blocks UV Rays

Window tint acts as a shield against harmful UV rays of the sun. Not only do the sun's rays make the interior of the car feel hot, it makes your air-conditioning unit work harder. Premium brands of window film block up to 99% of UV radiation.

1956 Ford pickup truck

There may be times that you must leave your car parked in the sun with the windows rolled up and doors locked. In hot weather, this is bad for your seats, carpet, and any interior plastics. Window tinting helps alleviate this problem (and the seats aren't so hot when you get back in).

Security and Theft Deterrent

Driving around a classic car attracts onlookers, sometimes for the wrong reasons. Mischievous kids and thieves always look for easy targets. Dark window tint prevents seeing what you have inside.

Large Rear Windows

Many classic cars have large rear windows by today's standards, such as 1978 to 1982 Corvettes, 1964-1966 Barracuda, first-gen Mustang fastback, and the Rambler Marlin.

plymouth barracuda rear glass

Is Window Tint Legal?

Each state has its own laws about window tinting. Click the link below and check your state's regulations.

Read:Window Tinting Laws By State

window tinting classic cars

Should I Install Window Tint Myself?

If you have a good eye and steady hands, window tint is not too difficult to install. All it requires a few tools and a bit of patience. If you decide to try it yourself, stay with recommended quality name brands such as MotoShield and LEXEN.

Although pre-cut kits are available, you may not find them for older vehicles. And of course, you can always pay to have it done as well.

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am


Tinting your old car or truck's windows keeps the interior cooler in hot weather and affords a bit of privacy. If your window tint is dark enough, you can see out, but others can't see in, making you feel safe and comfortable while inside your classic vehicle. And not only does window tint keeps interiors cool, it also makes old cars look cool.


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